Doctor Testimonials

Dr Chunduri, Krishna C.

I send my patients to Dr.Rafie and his team for pain relief and restoration of function because he provides excellent care and high quality of service consistentlyChunduri, Krishna C., M.D. anesthesiology and pain management:



Dr. Linares, Oscar R.

When all work up had failed to point at the cause of a recurrent abdominal pain, a through evaluation by Dr.Rafie and his team pointed to the correct spinal origin of the ailment and started the solving treatment as if magic…”Linares, Oscar R., M.D. pediatrician and saint Anthony hospital pediatric chief:



Dr. Eden Takhsh

As an obstetrician I entrust my patients into his hands regularly. Dr.Rafie and his team provide excellent care and restores comfort and functionality into their day to day lives. As a amateur triathlete I also rely heavily on him to keep my body moving forward.Eden Takhsh: md and chief of staff obgyn department St.Joseph hospital



Dr. Mitchell L. Goldflies

Dr Rafie, his team and I have been working together for more than 10 years. I have found that, in addition to their significant skills as a Chiropractic physicians, they always put the best interests of the patients first.Mitchell L. Goldflies, MD Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon



Dr. Maria Silva

“As a doctor, I like that I get consultation reports telling me what treatments my patients are getting. My patients like that Dr Lopez takes time to listen to them and is very thorough in his exam.Dr. Maria Silva



Dr. Sekhar Sompalli

Hi, I’m Dr. Sekhar Sompalli. I have been working with Dr. Rafie and his team for nearly 1 year now. I have referred patients to him and have been extremely happy with the results that I and my patients have seen. Dr. Rafie and his team not only correctly diagnosis their cause of pain but also formulates a plan on how to resolve it quickly so the patients can resume their lives.

Dr. Rafie and his team treats patients no only with a medical approach but also a holistic approach which reached the patient not only how to become healthy but also stay healthy.

I have nothing but praise for my colleague Dr. Rafie and encourage any patient to be evaluated and treated by Dr. Rafie and his team.

Dr. Sekhar Sompalli, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Shona Hillman

“I feel confident sending appropriate patients to Dr Rafie and his team. In many cases they can help a lot, with back pain and tension-related dizziness or headaches, for example. Sometimes a few treatments can fix a nagging problem, when ‘wait and see’ doesn’t work.”

Dr Shona Hillman, Internal Medicine