People are paying closer attention to their health. We exercise more, eat more nutritious foods, cut down on alcohol, quit smoking and think of our health in the long-term. As a crucial part of this wellness mindset, Midwest Chiropractic promotes regular Chiropractic check-ups as a healthy habit. Only the Chiropractic Health Care philosophy is based in natural care, without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic’s wellness care philosophy has long been utilized as part of a preventive measure against illness and disease. Dentists and Optometrists promote similar maintenance visits – with preventative check-ups every six months and twelve months respectively. We engage in these maintenance visits because we realize that both our teeth and our eyes weaken as we age and become more susceptible to disease. The same is true of our spine, which houses a part of the nervous system called the spinal cord.

The nervous system controls everything that we do – all movement, all sensation, healing, even the function of our organs. Because of this intricate relationship between the spine and the nervous system, Midwest Chiropractic’s wellness philosophy promotes regular check-ups of this vital body system. How often these visits are necessary depends on how healthy someone is to begin with; we’ll help you find that right balance.

Midwest Chiropractic commits itself to helping its patients, and their families, to the lifestyle they wish: one free of pain and limitation.

The Midwest Health Care Team



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