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You're going to want to come see our carpal tunnel specialist Chicago team if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) has long been recognized as a problem in the work place and at home, it results from compression of the nerve that feeds the wrist. This nerve, the median nerve, starts at the neck, passes through the shoulder region, goes down the arm and through the wrist. You may notice numbness, tingling, weakness or pain in the arm or hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome generally results from the repetitive flexing and extending of the wrist in activity or in sleep. Over time, our Chicago carpal tunnel specialist says that this creates scar tissue at the wrist and structural changes that pinch the nerve.

CTS will interfere with people’s lives and often make work and sleep difficult. Common treatments include medication, hand splinting and physical therapy but in most cases, the symptoms persist.

In order to treat this condition, our carpal tunnel expert has to be able to diagnose any problems from your hand all the way up to your neck. The first thing we want to know is where does the problem start for you? We will examine you and decide if you will need any diagnostic tests, such as x-ray, ultrasound, and EMG nerve testing. After examination and any necessary tests are done, out carpal tunnel specialist Chicago team will offer you some options.

Studies have shown that gentle, systematic tractioning (pulling) of the carpal tunnel and wrist with a specialized machine is an effective treatment for this painful condition. Traction of the wrist takes pressure off of the nerve in the carpal tunnel.

Patients are seated and their elbow and wrist are secured into the tractioning device. The machine runs the wrist through a series of gentle pulls and relaxations for five minutes. Patients often feel the pressure coming off of their wrists, and when done over a course of approximately twelve visits, studies have shown that the treatment can normalize wrist function, improve sleep, and dramatically reduce pain. These positive results have been shown to last beyond seven months.

Our carpal tunnel specialist Chicago team at Midwest Chiropractic will guarantee you’ll love the traction machine. Soft tissue massage opens up the tunnel and restores normal tissue. Exercise is a great way to encourage the growth of high quality scar tissue and increase your ability to d o things in life again without creating more problems. We are also anxious to discover and teach you what you can change in your life to prevent this from returning. To schedule your appointment with our Chicago carpal tunnel experts today, call our office now at (773) 229-9600

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