Vestibular Therapy Chicago

Midwest Chiropractic Chicago vestibular therapy may be what you’re looking for if you need help with dizziness, a feeling of being unbalanced or motion sensitivity. 

While tension and pain can often be the result of problems in the joints, another common source of trouble is a problem in the vestibular system. The vestibular system is the part, including the inner ear, of the human body responsible for spatial reasoning. It helps us keep our balance and know our place in the world around us. When it malfunctions, we start compensating with other systems to keep our balance. This can mean extra tension on our hips and back from an adjusted way of walking, or on our neck from trying constantly to get our bearings. 

What are some signs you might need to come see our Chicago vestibular therapy and rehabilitation team? 

*You have frequent feelings of dizziness
*You are highly sensitive to motion and movement
*You have visual issues and disturbances
*Cervical spine disorders
*You experience vertigo or nausea
*A regular feeling of being unbalanced
*Issues with your gait
*You have a consistent lack of focus or concentration

At Midwest Chiropractic, we offer Vestibular Therapy in Chicago to help you regain full function in your vestibular system. Through a series of non-invasive games and activities, customized to address each of your specific issues, your body can be trained to regain lost ability, removing undue tension from other body systems, and restoring balance. You'll also be doing specific exercises to improve your balance and gait and we'll design a personalized, at home program for you. When you first come in to Midwest Chiropractic for vestibular rehabilitation in Chicago, IL, you'll go through a slow, progressive immersion to activity and movement. 

If this article is resonating and making sense to you, come in to see our vestibular therapy Chicago team today and we'll give you a comprehensive clinical assessment and go over your specific symptoms in detail. Our experts will test to objectively evaluate your condition and screen your health history. They will also take a good look at your entire vestibular system and eye movements. Finally, our team will design a specific plan to get you better. Call us today at (773) 229-9600 to schedule your initial assessment and get started regaining your health.

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